For Men

A growing number of men are dissatisfied with their circumcision but are afraid to talk about it. Circumcised men need not feel resigned to their emotional or sexual condition. An individual consultation can give them hope and the resources for meeting their needs.

For Parents

Some parents report that if they could take back one decision, it would be their son’s circumcision. As the public learns about circumcision, expectant parents are realizing that the issue needs serious attention. Sometimes one spouse wants a son circumcised and the other does not. There is no compromise. This complex and emotional issue can create unwelcome stress. A consultation can assist in alleviating the stress associated with resolving the circumcision issue so that more attention can be given to other birth-related priorities.

Circumcision is no longer automatic for Jews. It is a choice. Jews have many factors to consider when making a circumcision decision. The conflict between feelings, experience, and Jewish values can be resolved. However, to resist the cultural pressure to conform and make a choice not to circumcise, support is needed. A consultation can help Jewish parents deal with their doubts and fears so that they will be confident and at peace with their decision. Parents can feel empowered rather than feeling forced to conform. What some mothers have called the worst day of my life can be transformed into a joyous celebration with an alternative ritual.

For Students

A growing number of students are investigating and reporting on circumcision in various ways. Our resources and referrals can facilitate these activities, contribute to a better result, and save valuable time.

Because we do not receive foundation or government support, those who use our services are asked to contribute. Proceeds support our mission of raising awareness about circumcision. If we cannot respond to a particular question, there is no charge. Short answers (maximum 50 words) shall be ten dollars per request. (Unlimited consultation is available for members only. Fill out the Contact Form to become a member.) Longer responses and telephone consultations shall be billed at the rate of $25 per quarter hour.

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