Readers' Comments

“ Dr. Goldman touches on the religious, medical, social and psychological aspects of this procedure in a way that has never been attempted before. I highly recommend the book to those willing to have an open mind on something they may have always thought was a non-issue.”

—Reader from Norwalk, CT

“A professional and thorough examination, Questioning Circumcision: A Jewish Perspective is a brilliant analysis that one will find extremely educational and...easy to read!”

—Reader from St. Louis, MO

“He uses psychology, sociology, anthropology, logic, compassion and the Torah to support the concept that it is wrong to hurt babies. The fact that this idea needs an introduction let alone a proponent illustrates the reason for this book.”

—Andrew Reiver

“A must-read for Jewish parents and parents-to-be. Dr. Goldman provides ample and compelling proof that conscientious Jews are justified in questioning circumcision, and leaving their sons intact.”

[email protected]

“Groundbreaking, insightful, courageous book. Ronald Goldman has gifted us with his second tightly reasoned, impeccably documented, and heartfelt book about a procedure which should be of concern to all men and women who care about children or society, whatever your faith may be.”

—J. Steven Svoboda

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